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SAUDI ARABIA backed ISIS (Sunni) are our true enemy. IRAN (Shia) are the enemy of our enemy. The problem is Iran nationalized their oil reserves cutting out Wall Street billionaire profits. The same billionaires now owning 40% of all money in our country and 50% of all stocks. IRAN HAS TO BE DEMONIZED FOR PROFIT.  AND YES, BY BACKING SAUDI ARABIA WE ARE INDIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR SUNNI KILLING SHIA, CHRISTIANS, AND JEWS.  



Independent Voters - Against Terror

Independent Voters - Against Terror -  1.6 billion Muslims in the world include 85% Sunni and 15 % Shia.  Iran is 99% Shia and Iraq is 60% Shia.  

The four (4) major groups supporting Radical Islamic Terrorist bombing, beheading and mass murder include ISIS (ISIL), Taliban, Boko Hanan (Africa), and Al-Qaeda. These groups are Sunni and make up the majority of deaths associated with terrorism.  They are taught as children to believe in violent tactics against all non-believers including Shia, Christians and Jews.   

Our government (with help of Wall Streets media) continues to demonize IRAN while ignoring Saudi Arabia Sunni radicals supporting ISIS and the majority of terrorist organizations attacking Russia, Germany, France, England, United States and Iran.  With exception of Saudi Arabia most Sunni believe in piece.  Saudi Arabia school books (used by ISIS) teach children it's their religious duty to kill all non-believers.  


9/11 Hijackers by Airplane:

American Airlines Flight 11 
Mohamed Atta -  Egypt, tactical leader of 9/11 plot and pilot
Abdul Aziz al Omari -  Saudi Arabia 
Wail al Shehri -    Saudi Arabia
Waleed al Shehri -    Saudi Arabia 
Satam al Suqami -    Saudi Arabia

United Airlines Flight 175 
Fayez Banihammad -  United Arab Emirates
Ahmed al Ghamdi -  Saudi Arabia 
Hamza al Ghamdi -   Saudi Arabia

Marwan al Shehhi -   United Arab Emirates, pilot 
Mohand al Shehri -   Saudi Arabia

American Airlines Flight 77 
Hani Hanjour -    Saudi Arabia, pilot
Nawaf al Hazmi -   Saudi Arabia
Salem al Hazmi -    Saudi Arabia
Khalid al Mihdhar -  Saudi Arabia
Majed Moqed -   Saudi Arabia

United Airlines Flight 93 
Saeed al Ghamdi -   Saudi Arabia
Ahmad al Haznawi -  Saudi Arabia

Ziad Jarrah -   Lebanon, pilot 
Ahmed al Nami -   Saudi Arabia

Not one Iraqi, Iranian, Afghanistan or Pakistani in the bunch. Most American citizens fail to realize Afghanistan has $ trillions in oil and precious metals. Attacking them and demonizing Iran does however support our countries wars of economic choice and provides billions for our Military Industrial Complex, Contractors and Energy Company share holders. ​​

It's interesting how we spend billions on drug enforcement in our country yet allow Afghanistan poppy fields to provide the majority heroin harming our citizens.

Independent Voters - against Terror 

The majority of American Citizens don't think kindly of what special interest politicians have done to our nation.  If you agree - please pass this on. 


Keeping us media divided and arguing to obsession about liberals wanting everything for free and conservatives protecting stock values over the betterment of the general public has worked.  We have slipped from being a full democracy into a Wall Street media managed flawed democracy believing in wars of economic choice, removing banking protections and thinking our torturing  people is different than Hitlers because we're the one's doing it. 



Remembering that Independent Voters - Against Terror make up 45% of all voters we have the power to save our democracy. Irregardless of which Wall Street owned Democrat or Republican is in the House of Representatives, they are beholding to their corrupt political party and not the majority of people they represent.

It's time to replace every Wall Street Democrat and Wall Street Republican State and Federal House of Representatives member every two years. They will have less time to be corrupted by lobbyists and won't sell us out for campaign funding.  

In 1953 the United States (CIA) and England (to protect oil interests) removed Iran's democratic government and replaced it with a dictator. We also taught the Shaw's government how to control the Iranian people using torture. When the Shaw was kicked out in 1979, the Iranian people had little use for our having placed them into bondage and suffering for over 30 years.  

Saudi Arabia has large financial holdings in our country and purchase billions in U.S. weapons. It's interesting how the Saudi Arabia and ISIS Sunni relationship isn't covered by our news. We again demonize the wrong country for their oil and to increase our military industrial complex share holder profits.  Let's forget the 22% Children now living in poverty and our failing infrastructure because share holder profits are more important.   

Like one great American patriot said - "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"